Wednesday, February 6, 2008

BangaloreOne centres in Hubli-Dharwad soon


The Karnataka government plans to open citizen services centres in Hubli-Dharwad later this month modelled on the lines of ‘BangaloreOne’ centres, which offer 21 different services ranging from payment of utility bills to applying for passports.

The state’s IT/BT Secretary M N Vidyashankar told reporters on Monday that the ‘BangaloreOne’ centres were not only successfull, but had become very popular among the citizens.

“BangaloreOne offers multiple services under a common roof. Buoyed by the success of BangaloreOne, we intend to replicate it in other cities,” he added.

The citizen services centres proposed in Hubli-Dharwad will commence trial operations on February 16.

“Based on the feedback from citizens, we will increase the number of such centres in the twin cities. Later this year, we also intend to roll out the services in other cities of the state,” Vidyashankar said.

At present, there are 19 ‘BangaloreOne’ centres in the city with the latest being opened in Indiranagar. The twentieth ‘BangaloreOne’ centre will be opened at KHB Colony in Yelahanka shortly.

Though the government is keen on increasing the number of ‘BangaloreOne’ centres, spiralling real estate price is posing a major hurdle. Consequently, the government is forced to operate out of properties given on lease by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) or Greater Bangalore City Corporation (GBCC) where there is less scope for expanding services on account of space constraint.

In an effort to overcome this problem, the government plans to install manned kiosks to offer the citizen services.

According to Vidyashankar, 20 such kiosks will be installed in various parts of the city.

“They will be just like any other Bangalore One centre offering all the 21 services. They will be installed in areas where BangaloreOne centres are not located,” he added.

He said the government has planned to include more services under ‘BangaloreOne’. It has tied up with Innovative Multiplex and Vision Cinemas to book movie tickets.

More than 15 private bus operators have also tied up with ‘BangaloreOne’ to provide ticket booking facility.

Vidyashankar said the government was in talks with the KSRTC to provide ticket booking for passengers at the ‘BangaloreOne’ centres. At present, KSRTC operates online ticketing booking centres at more than 100 locations in the city on a franchise model.

He said the government was also engaging the LIC and Regional Provident Fund office in an effort to offer their services at the ‘BangaloreOne’ centres.

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