Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Joy Bank: A bank for a Noble cause in Belgaum

Joy Bank: this no new private sector bank, it’s a bank where in you can deposit any old clothes, books, toys or anything you wish to give. "JOY BANK ", a bank for a noble cause needs all your support and encouragement.
Everything you deposit in this bank will be going to the orphanages, vridhashram or blind school once in 2 months. A detailed reporting will be given to all the members. If you decide to donate money a detailed report along with the receipts will be given to you.
It doesn't cost you anything to give away your old things but means a lot to them... So do help!!!!!! This helping hand can be yours.
Joy Bank is brain child of Gouree Deshpande. Gouree, has been a topper in her academics with 1st rank to the College in M.C.A (GIT) and 3rd to the Karnatak University in BSc (GSS). She worked with Mindtree consulting and she left it only to believe her own mind and do something on her own.
Her husband has been very supportive in her efforts to build the Joy Bank. Her parents are also encouraging her in this endeavor.
At the moment about 28 are members of the Joy Bank, majority from Belgaum and others from Bangalore and other places.
The first ever donation event is to be made on 8th of January to Shantayee Vriddhashram. There are total of 8 grandma’s n 8 grandpas in the ashram. For this first event they needed 8 new saris and 8 new shirts. All the members to either donate a sari, a shirt or Rs.150.
Joy bank is going to make donations on a regular basis & members are requested not to make a large contribution only once, but instead to have active participation from all only a small amount as in this case Rs.150 or a sari were called in for.
You too can join them on 8th of January for the first donation by Joy bank. You may not have paid in this time, but your presence there would encourage other members and also the inmates of the ashram.
Do begin with, this is just a small start but with high aims.
My best wishes to the Joy Bank.
If you wish to be a member of joy bank, http://gouree.wufoo.com/forms/joy-bank-bank-for-a-noble-cause/

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