Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Deshpande Foundation to recruit people for project

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/news/city/hubli/Foundation-to-recruit-people-for-project/articleshow/5010940.cms

HUBLI: Deshpande Foundation will recruit people having innovative ideas to work for its various projects under the newly launched Social Entrepreneurs in Residence (SEIR) programme.

The selected will work for projects called woodlife, safehands 24x7, sankalp rural development society, Stupa softech limited and Jai gurudev dairy products.

Woodlife works in villages bordering Western Ghats. It aims to cultivate an eco-friendly attitude among villagers and promote local tribal culture. Besides, it will promote safaris, bird-watching and ecological adventures.

Jai gurudev dairy products will promote dairy-based livelihood opportunities in the villages of Hubli and Kalghatgi taluks. It aims to establish a 2,000 litre capacity milk processing unit.

Safehands 24x7 aims at women empowerment wherein poor women will be trained to become security guards and housekeepers. They will be employed in various education institutions and private companies to work in day shifts.

Sankalp Rural Development Society provides sustainable rainwater harvesting systems to schools, colleges and business establishments in Hubli with technically and economically feasible options.

Interested may contact Deshpande Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, BVB College of Engineering campus, Vidyanagar, Hubli or visit the website www.deshpandefoundation.org. Call 9972368051.

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