Monday, February 1, 2010

Walls of Hubli-Dharwad will turn aesthetic


HUBLI: The residents of Hubli-Dharwad will get to see tourist places of Karnataka, its rich temple architecture, cultural heritage and traditions on the walls of the cities.

Taking a cue from the Bruhat Bangalore Municipal Corporation, the Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation has decided to smarten up the cities by painting its walls. The intention is to curb defacement, promote state's tourist destinations and highlight its rich and vibrant culture, according to civic officials.

However, the beautification project will not cost too much for the HDMC. It will sell the space for advertisers who will get about 80% of the upper portion of the wall painted free of cost. In turn, they will get the remaining space for advertising their products. The advertisers themselves will see that no posters/ bills will be glued on the paintings.

HDMC special officer N H Naregal said the beautification project has already started in Hubli and Dharwad. "We have begun by painting the walls of HDMC-owned Lamington School in Hubli and Azad Park in Dharwad. Tenders will be invited in a few days to reflect the same elsewhere," he added.

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