Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HINDALCO Expansion in Belgaum

25 Jan 2010 Hindalco Press Release

The Belgaum unit of Hindalco, located in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, houses an alumina plant, a world-class research centre for alumina, and a carbon paste and block plant.

The alumina plant started operating in 1969 with an initial capacity of 75,000 tpa of alumina hydrate. It currently produces around 380,000 tpa. Since the 1990s the plant has become predominantly an export-oriented unit of metallurgical alumina, while producing several grades of special aluminas and hydrates for non-metallurgical applications, like refractories, ceramics, polishing, fire retardant plastics, alum, zeolite, etc.

Over the years, the plant has expanded its capacity of speciality products to around 138,000 tpa, with approximately 120 different grades, serving more than 600 customers across 35 countries. In addition to providing technical support to the alumina plants of the Aditya Birla Group on the Bayer process and special products, the research centre has been carrying out projects for international clients.

The Belgaum unit has earned recognition in the form of national awards in the areas of energy conservation, R&D excellence, environment, and safety. It also has the Star Trading House status.
The 1182-acre plant has a large colony for its 752-strong workforce, with a well-equipped occupational health centre, club / community centre for sports and recreational activities, and an upper primary school. The unit has adopted seven nearby villages and the CSR initiatives cover different areas like education, women’s empowerment, sustainable livelihood, health and infrastructural development.

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